Earning, flexibility, freedom and amazing support!


chefhyve is a food hall platform offering restaurant spaces customized to your needs and branded under your name. Best of all, chefhyve members never pay lease or any fixed monthly fees!

To help you succeed, we’ll handle all of your customer transactions, marketing, order pick-up and delivery, digital solutions and much more!

You can choose any cuisine you master, such as burgers, salads, hot chicken, sushi, Chinese, Italian, or even pastries and desserts.

The model

The Chef

One: Your part

We welcome amazing chefs who share our core values and food ethos.

First, apply to join one of our existing or future locations. Then, tell us which cuisine you’d like to offer and the equipment you’ll need.

Finally, pay a one-time membership fee, build your winning team and start earning!

Our Part

Two: Our part

In addition to providing fully licensed and equipped food halls fitted with the latest digital solutions, we directly manage and take charge of your:

  • Marketing
  • Ingredient sourcing
  • Public relations
  • POS transactions
  • Order intake and pickup
  • Delivery management
  • Customer service
  • CCTV monitoring
  • Software solutions
  • Performance analytics and HR tools
  • Digital displays for kitchen operations
  • This approach frees you to prepare great food and grow your personal brand!

    We Win When You Do

    Three: We win when you win

    Best of all: as a chefhyve member, you’ll never pay lease or any fixed monthly fees!

    Instead, we simply earn a percentage on your sales in exchange for everything we provide, so we win when you win!


    Membership fee

    Joining requires a one-time membership fee plus a refundable service retainer.

    Other expenses

    Members never pay lease or any fixed monthly fees!

    You are expected to efficiently manage your own expenses, such as your food costs and your staff salaries.

    Who we're looking to work with


    A chefhyve member is someone who…

    Has mastered a chosen cuisine.

    Understands how to create an unmatched customer experience.

    Is a leader in the kitchen and a hero in the eyes of foodies.

    Has an entrepreneurial spirit and passion for great food.

    Our spaces

    Modern design, optimized for success

    Carefully designed food halls offer functionality, excellent ventilation, ample cold and dry storage, energy efficiency and plenty of natural light.

    State-of-the-art equipment

    The finest equipment is selected by industry experts and chefs like you, with maximum output, convenience and profitability in mind.

    Rest assured

    Our food halls are fully licensed and insured with CCTV security systems to ensure peace of mind for everyone.

    Easy access for quick delivery and pick-up

    Customers and delivery drivers benefit from convenient parking spaces for easy and quick access.

    How we're different…

    We give you the opportunity to free your creativity while reducing the risk and financial commitment involved in operating a traditional restaurant.

    Here at chefhyve, empowering local communities isn’t merely part of our business; it is our business.

    Contrary to the attitude of having to own everything, we defy the norm by sharing in order to be a positive force in the world.

    Our earnings are directly tied to yours, so your winning is ours too.

    Our menus

    A little about the menu that we’d like to see from you
    seasonal local ingredients

    Seasonal + local ingredients

    Our menu offerings change regularly based on what’s in season locally.

    highly focused

    Highly focused

    Menus are generally limited to ten items, including all mains and sides.



    All ingredients + sources are listed clearly on our chalkboards.

    Join the movement. Be a leader

    we’ve simplified the process of working with us into six easy steps:
    • Inquire about joining our food hall revolution
    • Discuss the model and agree to the terms
    • Wow us with your amazing dishes
    • Commit to the investment
    • Build your winning team
    • Start earning!