A destination for everything real

chefhyve is a bite-sized, gourmet food hall offering amazing local and international cuisines prepared in open kitchens by local chefs using only real ingredients.

Each menu is managed by a dedicated chef, where chefs are in full control of their kitchens and are in charge of their own teams, seasonal menus ingredients and presentation.

From burgers and artisan salads to hot chicken and sushi, and from Chinese and Thai to Italian and Mexican, if it’s real food, it’s chefhyve.

The why

Our Menus

Disillusioned with the way the industry stubbornly continues to move and frustrated with the mediocrity of the dining options available, both in terms of food quality and experience, we set out to create a movement that redefines the norms.

How we're different…

  • Each seasonal menu we offer is managed and run separately by a specialized and dedicated team, trained and led by a local chef.
  • Menus are highly focused, offering just a handful of absolute must-have’s to guarantee consistent freshness and quality.
  • Teams prepare meals in open kitchens using kitchen equipment and food ingredients reserved specifically for them.
  • Menus rely on local ingredients as much as possible and are updated regularly based on what’s in season.
  • Chefs are individually in charge of selecting and ordering the best seasonal ingredients for their own menus.
  • Each food hall offers a unique, eclectic mix of cuisines determined by the chefs in charge. This way, no two locations are ever the same.

Core values

Our core values are the pillars that define our culture and commitment to everything we stand for. They serve as a constant reminder, which keeps us focused on our goals in everything that we do.

Celebrate real food

We are real people with real stories. We carefully choose real ingredients to cook real food with passion.

Be together

We’re all in this together. The customers, the kitchen team, the farmers and the community are all part of who we are and what we do.

Create a life

We do what we do to create a meaningful life, not simply a living. We believe we can create a better, brighter, kinder world… one meal at a time.

Dare to defy the norm

We break every rule in the industry, boldly accepting the risk in doing so.

Embrace transparency

We tell the story of where the food came from and show how we make it. We have no secrets, because real food should never be a mystery.