Our advantage

Limited risk

Take advantage of minimum capital investment, low running costs and our team’s full management of all support services.

Greater flexibility

Enjoy the flexibility of limited-term agreements, as well as menu and location selection

Quick Start

We’re ready when you are! Once your application is approved and finalized, you can start earning within days as your own boss!

The perks

We Got Your Back

On top of our complete handling of all support services like marketing, POS, order intake and pickup, delivery and more, we further extend our commitment to your success by providing effective ingredient sourcing, performance analytics and HR tools.

You are your biggest asset

By joining chefhyve, you are investing in your personal brand, and so are we! Through video posts on social media, our marketing strategy highlights your cooking knowledge and personal contribution to the dishes offered. So get ready to meet your fans online!


Effective branding is what separates the superstars from struggling restaurants. We built the chefhyve brand, which upholds our core values, and brought it to life across our food halls, online presence and even food packaging. It’s a beautiful reminder of why we do what we do.

Growth and Expansion

chefhyve is a solid platform for growth, offering chefs the opportunity to increase their customer base and expand into multiple locations across our growing network.

Freedom, Joy, and Creativity

By being your own boss, you experience the real joy of cooking and unleash the creativity and hidden potential in you that can only be found with that satisfying sense of ownership.

Health and Hygiene

We apply a rigorous food safety and sanitation plan to proactively manage such critical areas with the help of specialized software and tools.

Join the movement. be a leader

we’ve simplified the process of working with us into six easy steps:
  1. Inquire about joining our food hall revolution
  2. Discuss the model and agree to the terms
  3. Wow us with your amazing dishes
  4. Commit to the investment
  5. Build your winning team
  6. Start earning as your own boss