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It’s pronounced “chef-hive,” as in a beehive but for chefs.
Yes, chefhyve is 100% locally owned and operated. Our first location is on 2525 Kingsway, Vancouver, BC.

We have four menus in the Kingsway location. Each season, we update the menus to reflect ingredients that are in season locally (e.g. we switch from beet hummus to carrot hummus or from fresh lamb to fresh steelhead, and so on.)

We also introduce new menu items and options and may remove existing ones if they fall out of season or for variety’s sake.

Finally, we may surprise you with an entirely new menu (i.e. cuisine) in place of an existing one!

Now that’s variety and freshness!


Yes, the entire menu is guaranteed to be halal.

We cook and prepare all of our food in a single open kitchen. As such, we can’t guarantee that any menu item can be completely free of allergens or other ingredients. Our kitchens offer a variety of cuisines where most common allergens are used, including tree nuts, wheat, soy, egg, milk and fish.

We are fully aware of the seriousness of food allergies, and we choose to be transparent about this issue for your safety.

We strive to source locally and organically as much as possible, which also raises some challenges. Small farmers, whom we aim to support, face financial challenges in certifying their crops as organic. So, even if they follow organic practices, their crops may not be labelled as such due to regulatory demands that exceed their financial capacity.

Also, small farmers are often poorly prepared to handle occasional, drastic weather, which places heavy restrictions on their supply capacity.

To this end, we personally vet all of our sources to ensure that their practices align with our food ethos. This is one way that we can serve high quality ingredients while still supporting small, local producers.


Skip the line and order online directly on our website by clicking on “Order Now”.

You can choose order pickup or delivery, plus we’ve also added order customization options for your convenience.

Yes, and there are full customization options that allow you to build the meal of your dreams.

It’s not possible currently to indicate any allergies using our online system.

If you are ordering in store, kindly notify our team prior to placing the order, and we’ll take extra care to accommodate your needs.

For your safety and in line with our commitment to transparency, you are advised to consider the fact that we use most allergens in our kitchens, including, but not limited to, tree nuts, seeds, wheat, soy, egg, milk and fish. As such, you may be at risk of an allergic reaction even if you order a meal that does not contain ingredients to which you are allergic. We cannot guarantee that any of our food is completely free of any allergens as individual foods may come in contact with other items that are not part of the original ingredients.

Because this goes against best practices for fresh, gourmet meals and isn’t in line with our food ethos.

A failure in managing inventory levels properly necessitates freezing foods for extended periods before having to “flash heat” them using microwave radiation or resort to canned foods. While such practices are the norm in the industry, we chose to ban can openers and microwaves from our kitchens from the very start.

Our ingredients are sourced fresh from local farms where possible, and all meals are prepared in small batches in our open kitchens right before your eyes.

You’ll be prompted to set up an account before placing an order online. It takes less than a minute and only has to be done the first time.